Brazillian Care Home Defys Covid No Hugging Hurdle

Staff in a Southern Brazillian care home found a way of safely and successfully tackling the ‘no contact’ guidelines of Covid-19.

Coming up with a simple yet extremely effective and needed solution to the no hugging policy inflicted by the pandemic, workers created a ‘hug tunnel’, allowing relatives and loved ones share an over-due hug with residents of the home.

Gracing our feeds with images of love and gratitude in the midst of a chaotic time, this invention couldn’t be more needed ♥🥰

The ‘hug tunnel’ is attached to a section of the facilities entrance and is made up of a large plastic sheet with four plastic arm holes in it. The visitors and residents slide their arms into the plastic coverings to embrace their loved ones without the fear coming in direct contact.

The inspiration behind the invention reportedly comes from this video of an American woman who came up with a similar concept to hug her mother after months of no contact.

In an interview by CNN with resident Eraldo Quintana from the Brazilian home he said:

“My two daughters came to visit me and I was very happy to see them.” Though it is “different to hug someone” with the curtain of plastic in between, he added, “If we didn’t have this we would be scared to embrace due to the coronavirus.”

So maybe this is the cutest, sweetest, most humbling thing will see on the internet this week? 🥰 It really is the small things in life ♥