Countdown to heading home…

As the world re-opens after the coronavirus lockdown, many are still not being allowed to visit their ancestral roots…but that time may not be too far away.

In Ireland it would seem to be about June 29th when the all clear will be given for cross country travel.

Something to really look forward to as this has been especially hard on those who may have travelled away from their family home for work and for months have only been able to keep in touch with home via calls or online.

Someone who summed up the mood really well for those in that category is Today FM presenter and Galway woman Pamela Joyce.

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Over the past two weeks or so I’ve been feeling a lot less myself. A bit lifeless and dull. And then I realised, this is the longest period of time in which I haven’t been in Galway in 5 years. . It sounds very dramatic – but there is something incredibly special about being from the West of Ireland. I’m not saying it’s better than the rest of the country or that there’s nothing special about being from other parts of Ireland. But there is a definite identity that comes with growing up in the West 🏔 . My heart has felt a bit empty and it feels like part of me is missing. And the only thing I can attribute that to is that I’m yearning for the West. I had the same feeling 5 years ago when I was living in Madrid. It’s like my trips back to Galway revitalise me and fill me with life and energy ✨ . It has been 13 weeks since I was last there and I can’t believe how affected I am by it. I’m longing to walk down Shop Street. Have a pint in @lowrysbar. Take a walk along Omey Island 🌊 . So if like me you’re missing home, wherever it may be, we’re nearly there! How sweet it will be to finally say “I’m going home” ❤️ . So roll on the 29th when I can put on my Aran jumper, smoke my pipe and play my bodhrán in Joyce Country. #Galway #MamaIsCominHome

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Nail on the head Pamela. We’re with you🙏❤️