Facebook and Instagram new identity verification to prevent keyboard warriors?

In 2018, Facebook began requiring the managers of large pages to verify their identity. Their efforts to make the online platform a safe place have since continued and it seems their sister site Instagram is following in its security measured footsteps 🦶

In May Facebook announced in addition to requiring identity proof from business pages, it would ensure security on its platform by requesting owners of profiles with large audiences to take part in the identification process to prevent scams and fake accounts. Facebook has since gone one step further by requesting identity verification by any profiles receiving large amounts of attraction and publishing viral content.

Facebook said on the matter of the verification process that:

“If someone chooses not to verify their identity or the ID provided does not match the linked Facebook account, the distribution of their viral post will remain reduced so fewer people will see it. In addition, if the person posting is a Page admin, they’ll need to complete Page Publishing Authorization and will not be able to post from their Page until their account is verified through our existing Page Publisher Authorization process. IDs will be stored securely and won’t be shared on the person’s profile. Visit the Help Center for more information on the types of IDs we accept.”

Facebook said it hopes the identification process will encourage more ‘accountability’ by users and will prevent unauthentic content from being published.

However, an Instagram user took to Twitter today after noticing Facebook’s sister platform Instagram has begun following the same security measures.

Could this new step in the profile set-up change the way social media operates forever? 🧐

I mean we’ve all witnessed our fair share of spam content, identity theft of your profile or someone you know, fake contests, inappropriate content and fake news that the before unregulated social platforms had facilitated.

Now, with the need to prove your identity, we might just see a clear out of fake accounts and keyboard warriors🖐🏽

Users will now have to take accountability for the words and content, hopefully discouraging people from setting up fake accounts, reducing bullying and harassment online.

Lets hope all social networking sites take on the challenge and start holding people accountable for their actions 💪🏽