Good Life Advice Thanks To Graham Norton

Few things in life mix well with alcohol. Parties….Thats about it. One thing that definitely doesnt mix is alcohol and work.

Although if you have been a fan of Don Draper’s capers on Mad Men you wouldn’t think so!

However in the midst of all the doom and gloom of the world today The Graham Norton Show continues to be a beacon of mirth and merriment.

Imagine having one of the world’s leading authorities on comedy John Cleese bent over in fits of laughter at your story of when you had a few too many at work?

Thats exactly what happened when Lee Mack shared his story as part of the ensemble on Grahams couch with a tale involving all of the above.

The kids will be wondering what you are laughing at but the bad words have been bleeped out.

You’re welcome?????