Have You A Double? Seen Megan’s?

While it’s a popular myth that everyone has a person roaming the earth who could be the image of them, statisically its highly unlikely. However every so often we see almost identical twins or someone on the street who could be the spit of a famous movie or tv star.

Have you heard of Akeisha Land?

Well you will definitely have heard of Megan Markle.

The former Suits actress is now married to England’s Prince Harry and is one of the most recognised women in the world at this stage.

Harry and Megan from their official instagram account @sussexroyal

Now a woman has achieved worldwide fame after Instagrammers observed how uncannily similar to Princess Megan she looks. What do you think?

Megan’s Doppelganger Akeisha with her daughter Greyson Pic https://www.instagram.com/greyson_land/

By the looks of things we might be seeing more of Akeisha in the future after Harry and Megan announced they would be stepping back from the royal spotlight even though Megan had been using their fame to encourage girls to be themselves and follow their dreams.

Could be a few gigs in this yet for Akeisha to turn up as Megan!