International Travel Curtailed For The Forseeable Future

Remember the last time you travelled abroad for your Joe Holiers? One of the major victims of the global coronavirus lockdown is the travel and hospitality industry.

As govenments around the world try and get on top of the virus that has brought all international trade to a halt, airlines are facing the prospect of going out of business in the face of global discouragement of foreign travel.

Aside from the fact that most travel destinations are in lockdown anyway, governments are imposing quarantine restrictions as well as outright bans creating a never before seen lockdown around the world.

Long haul flights and the cruise business in particular are facing dire economic consequences if not extinction.

Spain is the latest country to lockdown for two weeks as the number of global bans multiply with a pretty stark picture painted of the medium term future in The Guardian.

The EU has also banned travel for the next month……

The best thing to do is to open a bottle of wine and play your holiday photo gallery on the tv as you ain’t going anywhere anytime soon??????

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Ships docked at Puerto Rico a regular disembarkation point on cruises out of Miami to the Bahamas.
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