Irish Policeman Saves Fishermans Life in Australia

The luck of the Irish strikes again during a pivotal moment at Sugarloaf Rock in Perth Australia. The Irish man and First Class Constable Rob Gaynor, was over 10km from his base in Dunsborough Police Station when he was notified about a 28-year-old fisherman who had been swept into the sea.

The young fisherman who could not swim had been standing on the edge of the rock when a freak wave swept him into the seas deep waters.

A Perth photographer, Anton Wilkinson, had been flying his drone a the time of the incident, luckily capturing the fallen man struggling in the sea. Notifying the Irish Mr Gaynor, the unsung hero was able to grab the wrist of the 28-year-old and haul him to safety.

Mr Gaynor who is originally from Monasterboice in Co Louth relocated to Western Australia over 12 years ago when he opted for a career switch up having previously worked as an architectural technologist.

He commented on the rescue saying:

“Luckily it is a local beauty spot which attracts photographers and when I arrived Anton Wilkinson told me about the drone and I asked him if he’d guide me to where the fisherman was.

“It’s a bit of a cove, so he was washed off one side and was smashed against the rocks on the other. He was very tired and I didn’t know if he would have been able to hold himself up much longer.

“There was a bit of rock hopping, jumping and scrambling down what was a sheer rock face but I managed to find a small foothold and narrow passage to get to him.

“I was offering my hand to him when he slipped and I grabbed his wrist and held him up from falling back into the ocean.”

It’s a great thing when one of our own can represent the little green isle so well on the other side of the world. Keep up the unrale job officer, you’re doing us proud 💪🏽