Limerick community does unrale job at maintaining road safety

The Road Safety Authority announced in April that lock-down rules had resulted in a record-breaking 7-day spell without any road-related injuries (Good job Ireland👍!)

Ok there were far fewer cars on the road…however, as restrictions gradually lift and we enter into new stages of the lockdown phases, we can all agree there seems to be an obvious increase of cars on our streets again.

I mean we are human so we couldn’t stay locked up forever, and as long as we’re adhering to regulations we should be okay right? 😒

Well, the community of Mayorstone in Limerick city isn’t taking any chances!

Shared by local man Eoin Ó Conchúir, Mayorstone have transformed their streets with unavoidably attractive and endearing signposts created by Limerick signage company #ConceptSigns.

Unrale work by these local heroes! Finally some posters on telephone poles we wouldn’t mind seeing 👏

“Drive like your kids play here”

How could you not take note of signs like that? 💕