So You Want To Interview Hollywood Celebrities? Think again!

There’s an old expression ‘never meet your heroes’. However many working in the media end up interviewing major stars on a regular basis as part of their job. Even for media types chatting to Hollywood names can be challenging, depending on the mood of the interviewee.

On the circuit right now promoting the new Sonic The Hedgehog movie is silver screen A Lister Jim Carrey.

Given that he has established a reputation for how he plays zany characters on the screen, you might have expected a chat with Jim to not exactly be a standard interview.

How would you have handled a chat with the Carrey lad if he gave you responses that you might have expected from The Mask?!

Fair play to Absolute Radio’s Richie Firth for keeping the show on the road while interviewing Jim Carrey on his PR tour!

There is clearly no fazing Richie!