Unrale Performances! Shakira & JLO Wow At Superbowl LIV

For some, (and we are looking at you #superbowlsnoozer!) the experience of attending the 2020 American Football Superbowl was a bit of a snoozefest but whether you were a fan of the NFL or pop music or even sporting drama there was plenty there to entertain.

In the end Kansas City Chiefs bagged the coveted trophy sparking wild celebrations among their fans as the San Francisco 49ers came up short finishing on the wrong side of a 31-20 result.

It’s such a major event stateside that even what commercials air on TV at half time is a discussion point.

For the non hardcore NFL fans the performance of Shakira and JLO wowed as much as how the Chiefs ground out a result at Miami’s Hard Rock Stadium.

Anyone in their 40’s and 50’s were in awe of the show put on by the songstresses and even those half their age had to give due credit!

Here’s something to aim for in your next gym class. Imagine the calories they burned!


JLO has since published a Behind The Scenes video on her instagram account….what an artist.