Unrale Philosophy

What are your unrale moments? Pic Unrale Studio

If the French can have ‘magnifique’ and the Germans can have ‘wunderbar’ why can’t the Irish have ‘unrale’? (Pronounced: On-Rail😉)

The word is derived from the word ‘unreal’ often used by people to really emhasise how good something is.

The beauty of the word is it can be applied to pretty much any situation.

We want to use it to describe great moments, great experiences and highlight stories of achievement, endeavour and inspiration.  Magic moments.

UNRALE: A feeling showing, or causing happiness, satisfaction or inspiration.

One of the earliest mentions of the word on social media was in relation to Aoife Marie
Harrisons delicious looking cake!

@aoifemarienoelle with the first mention of unrale on Instagram

Food to savour. Moments of relaxation. Celebrations that leave you bursting with pride are just some of the ways people use the word unrale.

Westmeath ‘Grammer Sarah Kiernan highlighted the word’s use in a sporting context.

Sarah Kiernan used the word to describe a big GAA win on the “gram on her account @sarah_kate09

Emily Veale reckoned it could be used in the context of a music gig at Vicar street.

An unrale gig!

Blog founder Paul Collins first came into contact with the word when chatting to former Waterford senior hurler Dave Bennett from Lismore.

When asking Dave for his take on a GAA matter, Dave replied ‘Two words. Un-Rale’.

Where to from here?

Unrale.com aims to be a place to find stories celebrating some of the great things in the world of today.

In the age of realtime news, it can sometimes be hard to believe there’s
anything good going on in the world.

We hope to change that. There seems to be a growing concern about the impact on us, the amount of negative news we are now exposed to, is having.

And while they are the main culprits it seems it’s not JUST the media who are to blame.

This thinking has even prompted a US broadcast journalist to tackle the issue.

Michelle Gielan had a dream job at CBS News—and quit.

‘As an anchor of two national news programs, I was disturbed by the amount of negativity in the news. I didn’t want a child walking through the room while I was doing my job, hearing me continually telling negative stories about the world.’

In fact in her book Broadcasting Happiness: The Science of Igniting and Sustaining Positive Change, Michelle argues ‘We are all broadcasters. As managers, colleagues, parents and friends, we are constantly transmitting information to the people around us, and the messages we choose to broadcast create success or hold us back.’.

Let’s celebrate the now. Celebrate the unrale moments. Pic Unrale Studio

Advertisers appear worried at their commercials appearing around unsuitable content, there appears to be growing unease at the amount of toxic content online and on tv, but the general consensus appears to suggest that there is no market for ‘positive stories’.

We are not talking about blocking out the real world. But surely there should be a place where you can find stories that make you smile or feel good about the world around you.

Thats the kind of place we hope to be.

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We won’t be selling your data to any foreign governments. Promise. And let us know your unrale moments even if its…….

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