Why The Timing Of Your Cuppa Could Be Bad For You

It’s bad enough having to contend with covid-19, now it seems the timing of that cup of tea or coffee could be damaging your health.

Great sez you.

The latest guidance from the World Health Organisation doesn’t cover corona virus, but the timing of your daily cups of tea or coffee.

Avoid having coffee and tea with your meals since they contain some elements that can inhibit the absorption of iron in foods.

Wait 2 hours after your main meals to have your coffee or tea.

It’s part of a drive by the WHO to combat global iron deficiency which can have negative effects including fatigue, impaired physical performance and decreased work productivity.

Something else to change about your daily routine.

They’ve even issued an infographic to get us to change our ways.

According to the WHO ‘Detecting iron deficiency early during pregnancy and in young children is crucial. In children under two years of age it can have significant and irreversible effects on brain development. This can lead to negative consequences on learning and school performance later in life. Cognitive development of a child can also be affected if a mother is iron deficient during her last trimester of pregnancy. ‘

You have been warned.