Your new European flying experience will look like this

It looks like a facemask will be an essential travel accessory in the post covid-19 world.

Airline bosses like other business owners are looking at how they operate in the new normal of the post pandemic world and many tourists will now have to decide whether they want to travel abroad badly enough to run the risk of contracting the coronavirus.

If so what will the air travel experience be like?

Much like elsewhere in the economy the advice to travellers is to ensure good hand hygiene and cover your face when coughing, but now the European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control (ECDC) and the European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) have jointly issued guidelines setting out the health measures necessary to allow passengers, crews and airlines to safely return to normal flying.

If airlines have 2 metre gaps between every passenger most flights would be unviable and operators will always want to maximise the number on board.

In that sense all airlines will welcome the guidelines as the agencies advise:’ if physical distancing cannot be guaranteed because of the passenger load, seat configuration or other operational constraints, passengers and crew members on board an aircraft should adhere at all times to all the other preventive measures including strict hand hygiene and respiratory etiquette and should wear a face mask.’

Aeroplane operators are also being told they ‘should reduce on-board service to the minimum necessary to ensure comfort and wellbeing standards for passengers and limit the contact between crew members and passengers..’

So if you’re travelling abroad in the coming months, get your snacks before you travel and don’t forget the passport, sunnies and facemask😋😎